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1.1   Background to the study

 Through communication we are able to know what we can expect of others and what they can expect of us. Simultaneously, communication affords a land of maps or set of guide post for finding our ways about life. It provides a configuration of dos and don'ts, a complex patterned mental stop and go signs that tell us about the social landscape. According to Parvez (2009) the transfer of information from one negotiator to another, in which communicator is impersonal, feedback is in-directed or delayed, audience is not specified and the messages are generalized is called mass communication. Mass communication involved so many instruments. Some of these are press, Television, Dish, Cable, Radio and movies. The mass media particularly electronic media gives rise to a form of communication or mass production with mass consumption. In electronic media the mass communication mostly take support of Satellite Television.

Satellite Television provides programs almost for every type of human being. Every person watches program according to his choice. Some of the choices are news, sports, weather, movies, cooking, drama, and science. Major choices of viewers are information, entertainment and education, the fact is that people have an opportunity to increase their level of knowledge with the wide choices on their television (Silverman, 2012). Also, by watching of Satellite Television status of women has been improved. Through this networking, status of women changed.

Due to watching of Satellite Television some positive and necessary habits of women have been affected like reading books, playing games and going out for leisure. Viewing of cable TV also affects domestic, cultural, family and social interaction, appearance and style, domestic and personal expenditure etc. Most of women like Western or Indian life style, languages, jewelry and their culture. This is alarming for ones culture of the area as it affect some very positive point of culture of the area like loyalty, hospitality and braveness etc. (Zia, 2007).

Thus for making policy of electronic media, educated women can not be ignored. Therefore, concentrating on the viewers of Satellite Television, the educated women cannot be ignored.

1.2   Statement of problems

The problem that result from excessive viewing of television programmes is addition. Many viewers are so addicted that they spend several hours watching TV programmes they do not benefit from, even though this time could have been invested in some other beneficial activities.

1.3   Objectives of the study

The following are the major objectives of this study;

1.      To know if women aware of Zeeworld satellite television”?

2.      To examine the level at which women watch Zeeworld satellite television”?

3.      To evaluate women preferring for “Zeeworld satellite television” to local station?

4.      To identify the reasons why women watch Zeeworld satellite television?

5.      To examine Zeeworld satellite television influence on the sociological behaviour of women?

1.4   Research questions

The following research questions guide the study

1       Are women aware of Zeeworld satellite television”?

2       How often do women watch Zeeworld satellite television”?

3       Do women prefer watching “Zeeworld satellite television” to local station?

4       What are the reasons why women watch Zeeworld satellite television?

5       Does Zeeworld satellite television have any influence on the sociological behaviour of women?

1.5  Significance of the Study

In Nigeria, television is blossoming especially in its dominance in the contents of the programming of most television stations and channels, including the digital satellite television popularly referred to as cable television. Therefore, this study seeks to draw the attention of media practitioners and owners (especially television) to the vital role television plays as an agent of socialization of both young and old. Having this fact in mind, television media practitioners and owners will be mindful of the kind of programmes they air, most especially at prime time, knowing fully the vulnerable and gullible nature of children.

Also, part of the uniqueness of this study is that it will be of immense significance to researchers in the academia in the 21st Century. It does not only aim at contributing to knowledge but also providing a foundational basis for further studies into the socialization role of television.    It is also believed that the findings of this study will be an added resource to available literature and will be used to promote informed decision-making and policies by the regulating bodies of the broadcast industry.

1.6       Scope of the Study

The scope for this study is restricted to selected women in Lagos metropolis.  The study will also focus on women that specifically watch zeeworld satellite station.

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