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        Office machines and equipments being used in business office today have accounted tremendously to the present and provide less fatigue work for secretaries in modern business organization.

        The growth of modern business fiends has made it mandatory that all manner of practitioner in business fields should be well informed on the various aspect of office equipment and machinery that are used in daily performance of office functions. the usage of these machines and equipment must be dependent on, various factors namely:- the type of job, how sophisticated the job requiring the machine is, the amount of capital at the disposal of the organization in the purchase of such equipment, the range of equipment at the disposal of the user etc.

There are now, wide variety of modern office equipment which serves secretaries purpose. Eze (1983) says that the increasing demand of modern industrial, political and social engineering technology have compounded information, expanded unimaginably the scope and depth of human knowledge and rendered the gathering far beyond traditional human labour and tools. To this end, the introduction of a new technology in the form of modern office equipment precipitates change in the nature of office work.

Ajakemo (1995) sated that the tremendous growth of business coupled with their complexities and ever-keener completion among various business organization among others have increased the need for modern office machines and equipment. Today, increasing technological dependence, high volume, information requirements and the importance and value of the human resource have mounted a lot of pressure on the management of most business organization to look elsewhere for shaper tools which not only relievers man from both physical and mental strain but help to enhance productivity.

As industries are growing every day, manual labour alone can no longer contain the requirements of office work requiring high volume data collection, analysis and communication. Beside, some machines prevent fraud like the cheques writing machines and also help to increase efficiency, accuracy, and appearance of documents such as memo, graphs, letters etc. Hence, no office can exist and function effectively without modern office machines and equipment.


        We have been putting forward the argument that for the need of office machines, but it is important that I equally take of the problems associated with secretaries and office equipments and the machines in their places of works.

        Secretaries usually perform a variety of tasks requiring different skills. The need to improve the quality of information has are created wide speed interest at present office technology and hence more sophisticate equipment are being used increasing in office.

        Obviously growth in size, complexity of business and ever-keener competition of business organizations are mounting a lot of pressure on the management of these organization to look for shaper tools in physical production and in mental work, such as problem recognition, analysis, memory and communication to achieve understanding. Besides, technological advances in office machines and related equipment to meet administrative needs are now progressing with amazing speed.

        Secretaries see increase in information technology as a challenge and also as a threat to their job or profession.

        This problem and anxiety in the minds of office workers, it is likely to lead to a drastic reduction in production in most office.

        Finally, this situation calls for serious policies by management deal with the problem, which psychologically destroys the mental and emotional state of workers.


        The purpose of this study are:-

1.     To identity the contributions of office machines to an organization.

2.     To identity the problems associated with modern office equipment.

3.     To identity the prospects associated with the use of modern office equipment.

4.     To identity what should be considered before purchasing a new machine.

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